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Imatge test

Training, a way to share and grow


Texto: Agnès Simon Udina
Illustration: Martí Ferré Carreras


When you like what you do, when it comes out from within you and you are moved by passion, we think it is normal, as an evolutionary step, to share it, open it and offer it to others. The how, the way, can have several formats, but what is clear is that, if you master something and make it connected to you, you will naturally let it go so that someone else can take it and, thus, let the chain continue and spread growth.

It is from this viewpoint that we approach training, education, learning and everything in this field. This is a way of giving, but at the same time receiving, because we are not alone: ​​there are you, there are the students, there is someone receiving what we are giving who, in turn, collects it and also gives, and then we receive. It is like the masculine and feminine principles present in any act, just like in creation. For creation to take place, the presence of both energies is necessary: ​​the receiving party, which is open, and the giving one, which delivers, gives and nurtures. And so on, in a cyclical and alternate way.

Learning is continuous and applicable to all fields. It is, therefore, a life gift that we can experience, feel and share everywhere and at all times: right now, in the projects of our studio, in our personal relationships, in the future, with our children, in our daily perspective... This is how we try to spread our growth and maturation process in everything we do and think, since we are not separate parts. We are a whole that is in this constant process of evolution, growth and creation.

We really like the image that this text illustrates. It is like the crumbs that you find along the way, through life. The crumbs that you find, feed you and accompany you in your growth and, at the same time, you also eat, you nourish yourself and you also leave your crumbs so that someone else - someone who sees them, who needs them, who values ​​them – will find them and also feel accompanied, guided, fed by us and go through his or her process, which will end up feeding another person ... A metaphor for sharing and for the growth that we like and share in all areas of our lives.

Imatge arrossegable
Agnès Simon Udina