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What does this crisis mean to us: stop, revision and activation


Text: Agnès Simon Udina
Illustration: Martí Ferré Carreras


Just like in any shock process, crisis, or surprise after facts which were unexpected, were not planned at all and did not fit in one’s present or future projects, we have recently undergone all sorts of situations and will explain them further below. But it is fortunately also true that other parallel processes have taken place. These have counterbalanced such days which, should we have to label them, it would be as surrealistic.

We choose not to take conflict as something necessarily bad in itself but something which can even have positive effects and minimize the negative ones. In any case, we think conflict opens us doors to new opportunities which, should everything remain the same, would never arise.

In fact, in order to put an end to a conflict or when a problem breaks out, we know that we have to go through different stages which will help us to create opportunities from the actual difficulties, and to make the whole and necessary emotional process - which requires time - to be able to face it. Learning that we must go through this process has helped us to face it, especially during the first stages, which are perhaps the most complex ones, since you cannot control them.

The first emotional stage we went through was to deny the reality with a paralysis as a mechanism of defence in front of the fear we experienced. Our fear originated in the loss of security and this led us to resort to our instinct for survival. At this moment in time, we were faced with uncertainty and difficulty to make fast decisions and we even experienced anxiety and confusion in irrational moments, in which the mind went far beyond the real situation.

Since it was difficult for us at some point to control our emotions and mind, we looked for tools which helped us to do an internal work and change our viewpoint and, thus, leave this emotional state behind. With this calm and also some distance, we were able to identify what the problem was because if we had not done so, we would have been unable to describe it or deal with it, and therefore, we wouldn’t be able to analyse data on it. Once we achieved this process, we were able to exchange ideas and define the situation or the problem. The previous step to all this process would be its incubation but, in the present case – just like in many situations of crisis -, we were unable to take it into account.

The following stage consisted in analysing the causes and the strengths, while removing the effects that derive from it. How? Focusing on making decisions with practicality and trying to be empirical so that we chose the most suitable ones, as well as undergoing the negotiation processes which were necessary. At some points, we felt exhausted – a sort of standstill in many processes - but, just like in the other stages, we also overcame this one and were able to take action, detailing each step, fully convinced, certain and calm with the decisions taken.

And this is where are now: the launch of the website has been an example of a process of crisis in which we wanted to find the way of disseminating everything we had worked on for the last two years. Once we were able to see its feasibility, we followed the process and put ourselves at work to make one of our most powerful internal communication projects possible. Being a child of our own, we are a very happy and proud of it. What about you? Did you like it?

In this time we are living and after all the above detailed processes, we would like to recall that any living being has its own self-regulation system – unless it is silenced, of course! Consequently, Bildi has its own too and we must look out that it develops with its full potential. Bildi, on the one hand, and us, on the other, just like with any other person, project or element interacting with us. Self-regulation is very powerful and applicable to all fields. We are delighted with this and try to apply it to all we can, even to this crisis we are experiencing, which we strive to face despite its inherent challenges!

Imatge arrossegable
Agnès Simon Udina