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Why the blog: here and now


Text: Agnès Simon Udina
Illustration: Martí Ferré Carreras


During these years in which blogs have sprung up everywhere, we looked at it with a certain distance. Sometimes we felt the lure - especially me, Agnès - but we were never other than part of the audience. We never dared to take the step, to share, to let ourselves go and write, to believe in ourselves and make it visible that we could also contribute with something from writing, yet one scope of ideas too. The lack of time available and the fact that it was not within the plan or objectives of our studio, also contributed to it being last at a possible list of pending issues...

I remember reading the first articles in Vilaweb, one of the pioneers to turn to the blogging sphere in Catalan. And it was not long before the Catalan language became the second with the most blogs in 2006, as described by Wikipedia.

But some change led us to decide to take the step and try it... Posing a new Bildi website, an open and varied way of communicating, leads us to already be writing a text for this blog; it leads us, therefore, to make it a reality.

During our career we went through moments of more external communication and others of working more internally. During the times when we communicated more externally, even if it were not through a blog, we did it through other initiatives that always allowed us to share our ideas and try to contribute with our bit to society, whether it was within the local sphere or, in other cases, more global. Therefore, we could say that the blog - the means - feels strange to us, but not the fact of sharing ideas, processes, results, experiences, thoughts, emotions and everything that comes to us and we dare to share with you. This is the challenge we start now and we invite you to keep an eye on, if you feel like it.

For us, this blog also aims at being a tool to share part of the process we carry out, to explain when and how we are, and to explain the desire that pushes us - now and always - to share, help and join efforts. We have this impulse to share, to leave our actions and thoughts somewhere, in case it is in someone’s interest.

Imatge arrossegable
Agnès Simon Udina