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fem pinya
fem pinya

Not just one or two… it’s been sixteen years already… sharing!  


Text: Agnès Simon Udina
Illustration: Martí Ferré Carreras


Growing up is synonym for making progress, becoming emancipated and sharing with other people beyond our safe and supporting family core... This means dreaming, testing and flying!

And this is what Bildi is doing after its six different office locations along these sixteen years of operation. It becomes emancipated while fully immersed in its adolescence with the typical strength in this life period. During this opening and socialisation time Bildi does not wish to be alone: it would be great to share office room with other workmates, other colleagues wishing to share the premises and accomplish growth together. We think it is a good idea to follow the saying “If you want to go far, go together” to start this new period with the energy and enthusiasm so common in us.

Just like human communities have been doing since the beginning (although it had initially been a matter of survival), we want to assemble, sharing all resources available to us which can make us feel better. We are aware that this involves splitting, dividing, compartmentalising but it also involves adding up and being able to benefit together from what we think this process can become: a gift for all parties involved!

We want to share tangible as well as intangible assets... Benefitting all parties and reaching further than we would on our own… It is about having full confidence in the present and future of the community we want to belong to and we are determined to be part of it.

This is how we conceived a co-work area where we expect many things to arise such as those we, at some point, imagined that would like to happen while sharing projects with other professional teams, being inspired, growing up and improving, being trained, innocently discovering, creatively feeding ourselves, feeling accompanied, listening to our inner selves and to everyone.

Kunlabi –working together, in Esperanto– is the place where we pretend all this to happen and it is the creative co-work area we are leading in a rural environment. This is where we would like to welcome all people, young ones, adults and older ones, designers, digital nomads, artists and professionals of any class with creativity in their core of action. We imagine ourselves in a creative ecosystem exceeding the field of graphic design and being able to work and grow surrounded by projects, ideas and workshops related to the world of creation.

Our project is currently under construction... Opening soon! We would like you to be there… Look forward to meeting you!

Imatge arrossegable
Agnès Simon Udina